Bio & Equipment

About me


Welcome! I am Ioannis Makropoulos and have been working in the field of visual and performing crafts since I was 17. I say crafts and not arts because, after working continuously for 10 years in a variety of projects, I believe that crafts is a more pragmatic word. You can have crafts without art, but you cannot have arts without craft.

That being said, I do believe that only by combining those two elements (thus believing consciously and objectively in the true essence of crafts & arts), filmmaking can become indeed daydream-making. That’s the principle with which I try to inspire any project that I take over.

I feel confident that this can be communicated through my work, a sample of which you can see on the pages of this website and I hope that many collaborations which will expand this manifesto may occur, even with some of you reading these lines.


Master of Arts on Media Communication & Rhetorics at Panteion University (with GPA at the level of Magna Cum Laude)

Graduate of Theatre Drama School “Prova” (with GPA at the level of Summa Cum Laude)

Bachelor of Social Sciences on Political Sciences & History at Panteion University

Multiple seminars, including

  • Seminar on Method Acting with Andreas Manolikakis (Chair of Actor’s Studio Drama School)

  • Online Masterclasses on Filmmaking with

    • Oscar Winners; Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, Hans Zimmer

    • Oscar Nominees; Werner Herzog, Ken Burns, Spike Lee

  • Online Masterclasses on Acting with Oscar Winners; Dustin Hoffman, Helen Mirren and Steve Martin

Professional Work


Audience Award for Best Film in Piraeus Film Festival (Greece 2017).


Best Long Short Film in The New Classic Cinema Festival (USA 2016).

Best Innovative Film in The New Classic Cinema Festival (USA 2016).

Best Original Screenplay in International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, Nice (France 2017).

Best Directorial Debut to Ioannis Makro in The New Classic Cinema Festival (USA 2016).

Best Leading Actor to Ioannis Makro in The New Classic Cinema Festival (USA 2016).

Literary distinctions:

Honourable Mention by the Greek Literature Association in the 28th National Poetry Competition (2012)

1st award by the Pampontian Federation of Greece for a contest on an essay on Genocide (2009)

2nd award by the Women’s Literary Team for a contest for short stories for teenagers (2013)

Awarded essay in a contest of 24.000 students, with the prize being the inclusion among the 300 participants in the Greek Youth Parliament (2008)

Professional Equipment

This website can also be a spark that can lit up creative collaborations. Along with the artistic vision that I expressed at the beginning of this page I have worked to ensure that I can have an equipment which can help me and my collaborators to achieve in the best possible way our vision. This modern, multi-task and high level equipment can give a boost to our projects and rise them to a high budget level. It includes;