The Outcast Kid (2019)

The upcoming short film of Ioannis Makro which will premiere on 2019, starring Vasilis Sidiropoulos, Takis Papamattheou, Evelyna Hapenciuc.


The Story

Alex is an 11 year old - Greek-Romanian- kid who loves playing football. He decides to write a letter to Liverpool FC asking to play in their youth team. In his letter and through his youthfulness, there are revealed many unpleasant incidents that he has faced when playing football in either of his two countries of origin.

The film raises the frequent subject of racism, however it aims to do so through the innocent, passionate and often humorous point of view of “The outcast kid”. Will he achieve to overcome his obstacles and pursue his dreams?

The Crew

“The Outcast Kid” is directed & written by Ioannis Makro. Virginia Psoma co-produces the film. The original score is written by the famous composer Marios Strofalis.

In the cast, young Vasilis Sidiropoulos stars as “Alex”. His is accompanied by a large group of young actors including Evelina Hapenciuc. Actors Chris Baltas and Ero Lefa play Alex’s parents and Selina Diamantopoulou as his teacher. Awarded actor Takis Papamattheou is guest starring.

The rest of the crew includes Foivos Papadopoulos as assistant director, Giannis Sarigiannis as cinematographer, Andreas Passas as Production Sound Mixer, Takis Tyrovolas as Sound Editor & Mixer, Marianna Pagali and Akis Dadais as Production Designers. Ioannis Makro is also the editor of the film.