Theatre & Acting

A portfolio of Ioannis Makro as an actor and a theatre director.

Alice in Wonderland

(director, writer, lead actor)

An original adaptation by Ioannis Makro of “Alice in Wonderland” with a special interactive concept. It performed in theatres, schools and festivals from 2012 to 2014. Apart from directing, Ioannis Makro also portrayed the role of the “Mad Hatter”.

Hotel Paradiso

(director, lead actor)

The famous play of the French comedy-writer Georges Feydeau. The performance took place in 2014 and it also participated in the “Petit Paris d’Athenes” festival.

Sacred Prostitute

(director, co-writer, actor)

A modern play approaching four different stories of prostitution and rising social matters. The play was co-written in 2014 with the renowned editor, film critic & director Giannis Soldatos.

A star without name

(lead actor)

Directed by the distinguished Romanian writer, Monica Voudouri. The performance took place in Athens and Thessaloniki, both in Greek and Romanian, under the auspice of the Romanian Ministry of Culture.

Other performances

(as an actor, director or writer)