Werner Herzog Masterclass 

written by Ioannis Makro

Werner Herzog has changed my life through his films and his online masterclass. Yesterday I had the chance of asking him in person, few questions of the thousands that I would like to, during a discourse he gave in Athens.

Read his answer and 10 of his great tips for filmmakers, artists and any human being! Bonus- Watch a scene of his that will change your life too!


I asked Werner Herzog;

- How can someone so calm and logic in his real life, can be so vigorous and bold in his life as a filmmaker?

He replied;

- It is not something you learn. You must have it inside you. But you must fortify yourself with philosophy. And it helps if you have a clear vision to follow. Then you can be the soldier that you have to be, in this war!

These are the basic quotes from his quite more detailed answer, which like everything else he does, is a deep lesson of life.

10 great tips

Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 03.16.42.png

1) You have to know that you are the one who can move a ship over a mountain.

2) Be your own film school.

3) Shoot the intense and remarkable.

4) Morph into the world and become singular.

5) Know the heart of men.

6) I have 3 things to offer. My word, my hand and my eyes.

7) On my set there are no stars. But everyone who gets in front of the camera is royalty. Even the extras.

8) You must leave each shooting day, with at least one motivating shooting gem.

9) Create a film that can take the punches.

10) Read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read.

Best scene of all times?

Probably. Watch it and decide for yourself. It changed my life anyway. And when I told him, Werner Herzog smiled and replied giggling “mine too!”.